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Ormus Oil Recipe  

It is quite a simple procedure to make ormus oil recipe with grape juice.  


It can be made at home.  


Ormus has a number of qualities though scientists do not know about it. 


It can give relief to your joints and pains in the body.  


To make it, you have taken a bottle and fill it up half with water.  


Into it, you have to add around half a cup of Dead Sea salt.  


To it add, half of grape juice and then put in a quarter cup of olive oil.  


Let this mixture stay for around two – three weeks.  


You have shaken it at frequent intervals to ensure that the mixing of the ingredients occur periodically. After this, the layer under the oil is the best ormus oil which is chunky and salty.  


The salt in the ormus oil moisture keeps bacteria at bay.  


There is no requirement to refrigeration. The only negative point seems to be its unpleasant taste.  



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