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Ormus Making Tips  

There are three ways of producing ORMUS. These include WET method, DRY method and BOILING GOLD method.  

All 3 methods have ORMUS making tips. They all use a chemical laboratory technique known as measuring pH. The pH of a given solution is actually a measure of its acid to base ratio.  

The following are brief ORMUS making tips as far as WET method is concern.
1. Begin with clean sea water or distilled water.
2. Then you add a solution of lye mixed with water. This will increase the pH above 8.5 but not higher than 10.78.
3. You will see a white fluffy precipitate being formed. Allow it to settle overnight or 8 hours.
4. Then you remove the liquid which is above the precipitate.
5. Seriously clean the precipitate. That is magnesium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide and a little amount of m-state material.

In general, those are ORMUS making tips as far as WET method is concern. DRY method and BOILING GOLD method also contains unique ORMUS making tips. 



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